One step towards creating a safe, supportive & inclusive work environment.

Having a safe, secure and compliant work environment is critical to the continuation and success of your company and your employees. Providing this environment is your, the employer, responsibility. We are here to help you do this efficiently and effectively. We Provide online training on recognizing, responding to and reporting incidents and complaints of bullying and harassment and online diversity and inclusion training.
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Precision NanoSystems

Ashley Cullis, Human Resources & Operations Assistant

"Working with BLANKLSATE allowed our organization to provide a very tailored training session, delivered in a simple-to-follow and effective way."

Mala Collective

Ashley Wray, CEO and Founder

"Working with BLANKSLATE has allowed us to grow and develop our business in numerous ways... We've also strengthened our culture and streamlined our HR"

OHInc. Construction

Jack O'Hara, Owner

"My entire company took the ComplianceHR training. It was easily understandable, well thought out and quick! In construction we have to pay special attention to ensure that Bullying & Harassment doesn't happen on site and with all our partners. This training helped us create a level playing field for conversation and a better working environment."